The latest HID integration with Serato

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April 11, 2024

After years of development, Phase has released a collaboration with Serato DJ Pro to offer the best turntable setup possible. With exciting new features and possibilities turntable DJs didn’t have before, see what special lies behind this integration! 

What is the Phase x Serato HID Integration?

How does it work 

The brand-new update has been released together with Serato DJ Pro version 2.5 and Phase Firmware update 7. This innovative collaboration redefines connectivity by allowing Phase devices to connect directly to laptops via USB, bypassing the need for conventional RCA cables. 

The driving force behind this seamless connection is the HID protocol, known for its remarkable stability and minimal latency compared to traditional RCA and MIDI connections. The HID connectivity is familiar in the context of CDJ controllers. But in order for it to work between a unique product Phase, and Serato DJ Pro, this HID protocol was exclusively tailored to the communication needs of this integration. 

This dedicated protocol enhances communication, ensures precision, and empowers DJs with a seamless, plug-and-play solution, guiding them into a new and flawless turntable mixing era.

What does the Serato integration change for DJs?

  • The easiest way to set up your decks 
    This new integration allows you to connect and prepare your setup much faster than any other method. In less than a few seconds, you can connect Phase to Serato DJ Pro, which automatically recognizes the device, and you are ready to spin! 
  • Improved Performance
    Directly plugged into the laptop via USB, Phase communicates with Serato with no intermediary. Thanks to a powerful and custom-made HID protocol, the latency is even more reduced in comparison to any other DVS setup. It offers DJs better accuracy and a crisp feeling with every turntable movement. “I use Phase in competitions because the response time is better than needle’s, especially in the HID mode.” DJ Ease, DMC USA Battle for Supremacy champion
  • Exclusive features with Serato DJ Pro
    Experience a wealth of new capabilities tailor-made for Phase and Serato DJ Pro HID integration. Introducing the innovative "WIR" mode, a deck mode crafted by Serato for Phase, enabling seamless switching. 

Witness the dynamic auto switch to internal deck mode in case the Remotes run low on battery, ensuring uninterrupted music flow. 

Monitor Phase Remotes' battery levels directly on the Serato screen, which gives the flexibility to have all the important information in one place. 

To avoid running out of juice, a custom LED animation has been created for Phase Remotes, that alarms you when the battery is coming to an end. 

Other LED animations include the “end track warning” feature, flashing LEDs 30 seconds before a track concludes.

If you want to see it in action, scroll down for the full feature overview video! 

Set Up Phase with Serato DJ Pro in HID

You might be wondering, "Okay, this sounds amazing, but how complex is the setup?"

The good news is…this free update for DVS Serato license holders has a few basic requirements and in less than two minutes, you'll have your Phase Remotes synced up with Serato DJ Pro and ready to rock! 

To use Phase in HID with Serato DJ Pro, you'll need:

  • Serato DJ Pro version 2.5 and up
  • Phase updated to Firmware 7 and up
  • A DVS-enabled interface

Follow these steps to set up Phase with Serato DJ Pro via HID:

  • Open Serato DJ Pro on your computer 
  • Connect your DVS interface as usual.
  • Connect your Phase Receiver to your laptop via USB.
  • In Serato DJ Pro, set the deck control to "WIR," which is the dedicated HID control mode for Phase.
  • Lastly, place the Phase Magnetic Stickers and then your Remotes on top of your records and wait a few seconds for the calibration process to complete before you start spinning.

For those who prefer a visual walkthrough, we've got you covered with a video that goes through all the setup essentials.

The HID integration in action 

This new release has been anticipated by the DJ community and took the industry by storm! Approved by thousands of DJs around the globe, they love what it brings to the… turntable. 😉
Professional DJ Reviewers: 

“This integration is by far the best experience you’ll get with Phase, it’s a no-brainer at this point!”
Mojaxx, Beatsource

“It’s absolutely perfect. I can confidently say, at least for right now, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t pick up Phase.” Cleveland Terry

We really hope you've got a good overview of what this game-changing collab is all about. The smooth connection, supercharged performance, and cool exclusive features are all geared up to elevate your DJ experience. And hey, if you've got any questions or need some more information – hit us up anytime.

To truly wrap your head around this integration is to give it a spin yourself! Actually, when you grab Phase, you've got a full 14-day return period – zero risk, all the rewards. So, what are you waiting for?

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