How to set up

Set up Phase with Virtual DJ

Whether you're new to Phase or already using it, find out all the essential information to set it up seamlessly with Virtual DJ.

You can use Phase and Virtual DJ in two ways:


  • Your Phase is up to date to Firmware 9 or above,
  • You have a DJ mixer/DVS interface compatible with Virtual DJ.
  • You’re using Virtual DJ build 8115 with Pro Infinity or a Pro Subscription License

HID setup overview

Follow the steps displayed below to set up Phase with Virtual DJ Pro via HID.

Step-by-step guide

Plug your DJ mixer/DVS interface and your Phase Receiver into your laptop via USB.

Open Virtual DJ

Your DJ mixer/DVS interface and Phase should be automatically detected by Virtual DJ, which will select the HID mode directly.

Place the Remotes on top of the records, and wait a few seconds for calibration before spinning. (Make sure your magnetic stickers are well in place before).

You're all set!


  • Battery Percentage: See your Phase Remotes battery levels directly on your Virtual DJ screen by hovering your mouse over the battery icon within the software.
  • Match your LEDs with your decks: Phase Remotes automatically change LED colors to blue or red to match the A and B decks on Virtual DJ.

    To enable this feature, go to Settings > Options > Controller and check “Deck Color” under the PHASE-LedColor option.
  • Cue distance feature: Phase LEDs now change to the cue button color and gradually fill up as you approach the cue point in the track.

    To enable this feature, go to Settings > Options > Controller and check “Yes” under the PHASE-CueDistance option.

Watch the tutorial to set up Phase

Learn how to set up Phase with Virtual DJ in less than 2 minutes, or scroll down to access our step-by-step guides.

Virtual DJ setup overview

Diagram Demonstrating Phase DJ Controller Setup with Virtual DJ


Connect your Phase to a power supply (5V) using a USB cable.

Set your mixer source selector to "USB" to enable DVS control for the channel you're using, and plug it into your laptop

Connect the Phase Receiver via RCA to the "Line" inputs of your mixer.

Go to Virtual DJ audio settings and make sure that the inputs connected to your Phase are properly set on "Line" and that your mixer is selected as the main audio interface. We invite you to check the Virtual DJ website to know exactly how to set up your audio interface for DVS control.

Make sure to select the “Virtual DJ” DVS signal in the Phase Manager "Setup" tab.

Now, place your Remotes on top of your records, and wait a few seconds for the calibration to complete before you start spinning.

You're all set!

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about Phase or how it works with Virtual DJ, read the FAQ below, or directly reach out to our product specialists!

Do I need a DVS license to use Phase?
Yes, to use Phase, you'll need to use an interface that enables DVS. Phase doesn't act as a DJ sound card.
Can I use Phase with a controller as a mixer?
Yes, as long as your controller enables DVS. To learn more about the detailed setup check out our dedicated article on our Help center.
I'm not sure if my set up is compatible with Phase
If you have any doubts, don't hesitate to contact our product specialists. They will get back to you in less than 24 hours from Monday to Friday, Central European Time. Contact our team.
Is Phase compatible with other DJ software? (Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, etc.)
Absolutely, Phase DJ controller is compatible with any DJ software enabling DVS. All you need is a laptop, a DVS interface and a turntable and you're good to go!
I have a problem to set up my Phase with Virtual DJ
If you have any problems with your Phase how to set it up or to configure it, our team is available to help you and reply any of your questions. They will get back to you in less than 24 hours from Monday to Friday, Central European Time. Contact our product specialists.