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Download Phase Manager, the dedicated configuration software that allows you to configure, customize, and update your Phase.


Recommended from macOS 10.12 and higher

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Recommended from Windows 10 and higher

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Customize your Phase experience

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Access real-time information 

Phase Manager reads your Phase when plugged into your laptop, and directly displays its status and current processes, such as the battery level, the Remotes link, or the calibration process.

Phase Manager allows you to access all the settings you need to configure your product: select the DJ software you want to use or pick your favorite colors for your Remotes' LEDs.

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Update your Phase to
enjoy new features

You will receive new update notifications from our team via Phase Manager. It only takes 2 minutes to update your product and enjoy an elevated experience with your Phase!

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Discover advanced settings

Phase Manager allows you to access advanced settings: manual calibration - checking if your Remotes are properly calibrated to the turntables speed - the shutdown time, etc.

All you need to know about Phase:

A turntablist DJ using Phase to performing.

Explore the seamless yet revolutionary way to mix with your turntables!

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Phase is compatible with all DJ

software and DVS setup!

ESKEI83 performing with turntables and Phase DJ

Watch the best performances by incredible DJs

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