How to set up Phase Essential

From detailed setup instructions to video tutorials, discover everything you need to know to get started with Phase Essential.


What you need to use Phase

Phase is a universal controller for turntables. Compatible with any DJ software, it will smoothly adapt to your current DVS setup:

Diagram of a Laptop with a DJ Software like Serato DJ Pro and Traktor
DJ software

Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, djay AI Pro and more.

Diagram of a DJ Mixer that enables DVS working with Phase DJ Controller
DVS mixer or
DJ sound card

DJM S9, S11, Rane 70, 72, Traktor Z2, Reloop Elite ; Reloop Flux, Traktor Audio 6, Rekordbox Interface 2 and more.

Diagram of DJ turntables

Technics SL1200 MK2, Pioneer PLX-1000, Reloop-RP7000, Vestax PDX 2000 and more.


Learn how to set up Phase with:

video guide

The best way to set up Phase

Watch our step-by-step video on how to get started with Phase and how to set it up with your DJ software and DJ equipment.


The Phase Manager

Configure, update and customize your Phase instantly with this dedicated configuration software. Download the latest version below.

A Laptop Screen Displaying Phase Manager, The Dedicated Configuration Software
Download for macOS:

Recommended from macOS 10.12 and higher.

Download for Windows PC:

Recommended from Windows 10 and higher.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you still wonder if Phase is compatible with your setup or if we ship to your country, you're in the right place!

What are the minimum requirements to use Phase?
To use Phase, you'll need an interface enabling DVS. This could be a built-in DVS mixer (such as Pioneer S11, Reloop Elite, Rane 72) or an analog mixer with a DJ sound card. If you already own a DVS interface, Phase is compatible with your setup.

Keep in mind that you'll also need the Phase Manager app to configure, update, and customize your Phase. Phase Manager is compatible with macOS from 10.12 and later and Windows from 10 and later. Head to our setup page for details
What DJ software and hardware is compatible with Phase?
Phase is compatible with most of the DJ setups on the market. All you need to use Phase are:

- a DVS-friendly DJ software, such as Serato DJ Pro, Traktor Pro, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, djay Pro AI, and more.
- a DVS interface, such as a built-in mixer or a DVS DJ sound card.
- any turntables!

Head to our setup page for details on how to integrate Phase with your current gear and DJ software!
What does the Phase Essential warranty cover?
All products have a 2-year limited liability warranty covering manufacturing defects. We handle repairs and replacements for up to 2 years in case of damage due to wear and tear. If the product is faulty, we take full responsibility for replacement, no matter when you bought it. (Terms of sale)
Are the shipping costs included?
Shipping is free for Phase Essential and Phase Ultimate. However, additional fees like customs and import taxes may apply, depending on your country's policies. Note that we do not have control over these additional fees, so we advise contacting your local post office for further information.

For smaller purchases, like accessories, shipping fees are calculated according to the delivery address at checkout.

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