The Phase Technology

Unveil the fascinating innovations behind Phase.


The Phase Remotes

Two Phase Remotes on top of the records analyze the rotation of the turntables (movement, direction, speed) using advanced sensors. Then, they wirelessly send that information to the Receiver through a custom radio protocol.


The Phase Receiver

It is the base of the product. It receives the Remotes’ information and transfers it to the computer, controlling the DJ software. This unique system allows DJs to control their decks without needles.

With extreme precision and zero latency, Phase DJ controller offers a reliable setup with unrivaled accuracy for mixing with turntables.

What makes Phase a game changer for turntable DJs?

Multi-sensor tracking technology

Equipped with a 3-axis accelerometer and 2 gyroscopes, the Phase Remotes gather several entry data points to ensure optimal accuracy.

Whether you're into mixing, scratching, or beat juggling, they perfectly track even your slightest movements. This allows DJs to keep the original feeling of turntable control with utmost precision.

Diagram of a Phase Remote PCB Inside the Remote
Diagram of a Phase Receiver PCB Inside the Receiver

Wireless communication with zero latency

The Remotes utilize a custom-made radio protocol to transmit turntable data in real-time to the Receiver. This enables us to achieve an imperceptible latency of just 1.5 milliseconds, which is five times faster than the best Bluetooth connections, typically ranging from 7 milliseconds to 2 seconds.

Furthermore, an intelligent auto-switching algorithm ensures seamless connectivity without any interference from other wireless communications.

A long-term solution that lasts your whole DJ journey

Between changing the needles, buying new timecode vinyl, and maintaining turntables, it can quickly represent a substantial budget for DJs. Phase has been designed to be ultra-resistant with aluminum reinforcements and high-quality materials that last for years.

Moreover, we made sure that Phase could be continuously updated remotely. This system allows our users to enjoy new features and improvements without the fear of their product becoming obsolete.


Learn how to set up Phase with your DJ equipment.