From a side project to a DJ industry standard

Phase Team

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April 11, 2024

Back in 2019, Phase has shaken the ground of the industry and become a real game-changer for thousands of DJs. After several years of hard work, we’re starting yet another chapter…
Discover what the future holds for our team!

Creating a solution for thousands of DJs

Our story begins at NAMM 2018 with our first Phase DJ controller prototype. The stakes were high to present a product that never existed before. Nonetheless, the reaction of the community has confirmed our intuition - Phase was a missing piece to the turntable DJ setups.

Miles Medina using Phase prototype for the first time at NAMM 2018

From that moment on, it took us one year to release Phase in 2019 and put it in the hands of thousands of DJs all over the globe! This was a huge milestone for our team of 4 back then, whose passion allowed to create an innovative and game-changing solution for turntable DJs. Four years later since that moment, a lot has happened...

We’re now a great team of 10 people in charge of Phase from A to Z: from the conception of the product to the smallest marketing assets, everything is designed in-house. We have transformed what was just a side project into a dynamic ecosystem and a company.

You’ve heard it right. Today, we wanted to share with you that we’ve become our own company! We’re proud of the milestone we’ve reached from being a hardware department of MWM, one of the world's leading app creators, to becoming an autonomous company.

What does it mean, and how it will affect our future projects? Let us tell you about all the exciting things!

What’s next?

Our goal and ambition are and will always stay the same: to offer DJs solutions to their problems. We've always been surrounded by a great community, and want to keep listening to your feedback for future products.

Now that we are fully independent and leading our own strategy, our current main points of focus are:

  • Keep elevating the Phase universe We have a long vision of how we can make Phase even bigger than it is today. Assisting better any type of DJ by bringing brand-new Phase updates that increase performance with new features, adding other HID integrations with different DJ software, and more. We're also thinking of how we can improve our current hardware to push the limits of the product. We won't tell you much, but we already have some good ideas. 😉
  • Work on new projectsThanks to the 360-degree experience we gained with Phase on hardware production, software development, or wireless technology, we are now even more aware of the technological solutions we could bring not only for DJs but also for music producers, artists, and more! We will start working on a new range of products outside Phase.
  • Encourage the community’s creativity We want to keep the DJ community inspired. Creating platforms for you all to share your knowledge and expertise, assisting with new events and competitions, and spreading awareness about the colorful world of turntable DJs.

Our new adventure starts now

And what you’ve read here is definitely not the last thing you’ll hear from us in 2023. So join us on our adventure via our socials or the newsletter!

Of course, us becoming a company wouldn’t have happened if not for the dope Phase community, which believed in us and encouraged us to push the limits to the fullest.

As always, we are happy to hear any thoughts on Phase or any other ideas you might have! Don’t hesitate to drop us a question or thoughts in the comments below. 😉

Thanks so much for keep inspiring us every day.

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