5 unique facts you didn’t know about Phase!

Phase Team

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June 12, 2024

1. Phase wasn’t supposed to look like this at all!

Coming up with something totally new? Damn, it's a real puzzle! We tried all kinds of shapes and steps, totally different from what we ended up with:

The first sketch of Phase Remotes was something we pictured as round.
We tried with the needle shape, but it evolved into the rectangle Remotes we use now!

2. Jazzy Jeff couldn’t believe it when 
he tried Phase for the first time

Imagine you've rocked DJ needles for 25 years, and then some French geeks hit your hotel with an unimaginable surprise! 

And the rest is history. 👇

3. At first, Phase was only 2 people. 
Now, we’re 15! (still hiring lol)

From a side project launched by Jean-Baptiste and Cédric during their after-work hours to launching a revolutionary product on a worldwide scale, and now widely used by tens of thousands of DJs. Today, Phase is a fully independent company, run by 15 crazy passionate minds and a recognized brand in the DJing world!

4. We couldn’t imagine how creative DJs would be with Phase!

Have you ever seen a DJ scratching on a bike? Or in a shower? (yes, you read that right). We couldn’t believe it either, but hey, our community did it!

5. Not only they’re creative, but they win DJ competitions, too!

We're stoked to see Phase becoming the go-to DJ gear for all sorts of DJs, even getting some action in the biggest competitions!

👉 Check out our playlist to see for yourself!

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