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Everything you need to know
about using Phase

Watch this complete overview to know everything on how to get started with Phase DJ controller, and how to set it up with your current DJ software and setup!

If you prefer reading more, you can also download our official Phase user guide here:

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What you need to set up Phase:

computer with DVS soft.png

A DVS-friendly DJ software

Whether you're using Serato DJ Pro, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, or djay app, Phase works with any DJ DVS software.

DVS mixer.png

And a DVS interface

Such as built-in DVS mixers: DJMS9, S11, Rane 70, 72, 62, Z2, Reloop Elite etc. Or analog mixers with DJ soundcards: Rane SL2, Traktor Audio 4, Denon DS1 etc.

Choose your DJ software

Phase is very easy to use and to integrate to your current setup as it is compatible with any DVS setup.

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Discover PM - footer

Discover Phase Manager

Phase Manager is a dedicated configuration software managing your Phase from day one. You can configure, customize, calibrate and update your Phase, so it's all up-to-date and running!

Ellipse 276-min.png
Ellipse 276-min.png
Computer with Phase Manager.png


Recommended from macOS 10.12 and higher

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Recommended from Windows 10 and higher

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You still have questions?

If you're looking for further info, don't hesitate to check our dedicated Help page! You will find more details about the product and configuration instructions.

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