How to set up Phase?

Phase is compatible with all DJ software and

will smoothly integrate into your current DVS setup.
Click below to discover how to connect Phase to your setup:

HID with Serato DJ Pro (via USB)


• The Receiver is connected to your laptop via USB and directly communicates with Serato DJ Pro via HID. (Note that you still need to have a primary device enabling the Serato DVS license, or a primary device supporting DVS.)

• Serato DJ Pro (from 2.5) deck mode is set on “WIR” (stands for wireless)

• Enjoy the new dedicated features exclusively designed for the Serato USB integration.


How to use Phase?

Phase is designed to be a Plug’n’Play device: it only takes a few minutes to set it up and start using it for the first time.

Discover the main Phase features

1. Charge your Remotes

To charge your Remotes, place them on the USB-powered Receiver. The Remotes only require two hours to be fully charged and let you enjoy up to 10-hours of autonomy!

2. Link your Remotes

Simply long-press the A/B buttons of the Receiver to link your Remotes. It ensures the communication between the Receiver and the Remotes. Note that a Receiver can only communicate with two Remotes at the same time.

3. Secure the Remotes

Use the 4 Magnetic stickers included in the box, to ensure the Remotes remain stable on top of your records. Place them onto any records you want and they will always remain steady even during heavy scratching sessions.

4. Calibrate your Remotes

The Remotes will automatically calibrate every time you take them out of the Receiver, to ensure they analyze the turntables’ rotation properly. Place them on a still and flat surface and wait until the LED is filled up to use!

5. Start mixing with your Phase

With your two Remotes on top of your turntables, you're now ready to mix! Don't forget to check Phase Manager, our configuration software, whenever an update is available.

6. Access the HID integration

Thanks to a powerful HID protocol, Phase is now fully integrated with Serato DJ pro, offering an even more accurate, reliable and direct connection without RCA. Explore our brand-new dedicated features!

Want to join the community?

Discover Phase Manager

Phase Manager is a dedicated configuration software that

allows you to configure, customize, and update your Phase.

You can download Mac and Windows versions below : 

A link to download Phase Manager configuration software for MacOs laptop
A link to download Phase Manager configuration software for Windows PC
Blue flare Phase Manager.png
Blue flare Phase Manager.png
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Icon customization Phase Manager.png

Customize your Phase experience

Phase Manager allows you to access all the settings you need to configure your product: select the DJ software you want to use or pick your favorite colors for your Remotes' LEDs.

Computer with Phase Manager.png
Transparent card Phase Manager.png
Icon Real-time information Phase Manager.png

Access real-time information 

Phase Manager reads your Phase when plugged into your laptop, and directly displays its status and current processes, such as the battery level, the Remotes link, or the calibration process.

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Icon Update Phase Manager.png

Update your Phase to
enjoy new features

You will receive new update notifications from our team via Phase Manager. It only takes 2 minutes to update your product and enjoy an elevated experience with your Phase!

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Icon Advanced settings Phase Manager.png

Discover advanced settings

Phase Manager allows you to access advanced settings: manual calibration - checking if your Remotes are properly calibrated to the turntables speed - the shutdown time, etc.

Want to learn more?

Discover our video tutorial dedicated to Phase!

You still have questions?

If you're looking for further info, don't hesitate to check our dedicated Help page! You will find more details about the product and configuration instructions.