10 reasons why DJs use Phase DJ in 2024

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April 11, 2024

Hearing DJs who love spinning records worrying about the fragility of the needles and tonearms was one of the first reasons why we created Phase.All along our journey, DJs from all over the world kept sharing their feedback and opinion about Phase. This has helped us drastically improve it, and add new features and integrations. So today, it has become much more than just a gear to replace needles.

If you ever wondered whether Phase is for you, let’s see what exactly it can bring to the table… the turntable. 😉

1. You will enjoy the best stability with your turntables no matter the stage.

Is the bass too strong? Will my needles jump? All this extra stress can take away your attention from your performance.
Therefore, we made sure that the Phase Remotes would be completely insensitive to any type of disturbances to offer the most reliable and stable setup for DJs. With up to 10-hour autonomy, you will even forget about them and be completely in charge of your performance. This allows you to be fully comfortable using turntables anywhere you perform.

👉  See how legends A-Trak and Craze went wild in their “Double-Phase” B2B at EDC in May 2022.

2. You can train at home as hard as you want.

You might be wondering: “Why do I need Phase if I only do streams and train at home?”. The answer is simple: because it’s so much easier than using timecode vinyl with the needle.  All you have to do is just put your Phase Remotes on top of your records, and you're good to train and perform for hours, it's that simple!
Also, think about how many needles and records it can save from wear and tear during your heavy scratching sessions.😉

3. You can finally use any turntable setup. No matter what you have.

Are you using Serato? Traktor? Rekordbox? Or all at the same time? 😜 Phase DJ controller can be set up in less than 2 minutes regardless of your DJ software!
Simply Plug’n’Play with any DVS mixer, and if you have an analog one, it’s not a problem. Just pop that external audio interface, and you’re also good to go! The same applies to your turntables: you can finally take out those dusty decks with broken tonearms from your attic, as long as it spins, Phase can revive them for one more life!

👉 Check how to setup Phase with your current DJ gear

4. Because Mojaxx said it’s the best moment to go for it. 😉

“If you’re looking now at Phase as a non-user, and you want my recommendation: is this a reliable, dependable product? I’m going to say: YES!”

With the help and feedback from DJs, Phase has changed considerably (and for the better!). We have released 7+ firmware updates adding new features and significant performance improvements such as better battery life, radio communication, and accuracy, making Phase a dependable part of DJ life. Phase DJ controller has been designed to evolve constantly and therefore meet your needs and expectations.

👉 Watch the full review

5. You will enjoy a new deck mode on Serato exclusively designed for Phase.

We teamed up with Serato to give the Phase users the best experience possible in terms of ease of setup, accuracy, and latency. With an exclusive WIR deck mode in Serato DJ Pro designed uniquely for Phase DJ controller, this integration has completely transformed the experience of Serato DJ Pro with Phase. In addition, we created exclusive features like custom Remote LED animations synchronized with Serato, Phase battery display on the software screen, and so much more.

👉 Check out the full overview of the integration by Mr. Sonny James!

6. You’ll be taken care of by the most dedicated product specialists in less than 24h.

Our product specialists Lowell and Max will guide you through every step of the way no matter what request you may have! Reactive, experts in their domain, and attentive, you’ll always receive a well-detailed and personalized answer on the go, and won’t have to wait for weeks to receive assistance! But don’t take our word for it…

👉  I have a question for the team

7. You will probably save money. 🧐

Between changing the needles every 2-3 months, buying timecode vinyl, maintaining turntables, cables, and so on, it can quickly represent a substantial budget for DJs who perform regularly. One of the most persistent feedback that we’ve got from our community is how much they have saved money by using Phase, as crazy as it sounds! 😉

See the thoughts of our community directly:

8. You will partake in a unique experience that revolutionized DJing.

Spinning records without a needle might sound crazy at first. But that’s exactly what makes it dope with Phase! With an overall latency chain of less than 5ms, Phase has been designed to be much faster than a standard timecode setup. Whether you prefer mixing, scratching, or beat juggling, even your slowest movements are detected by the Remotes thanks to very precise tracking gyroscopes. It can’t be compared to anything you already know: keep the feeling of the record while enjoying the stability of digital comfort.

9. You will unlock new DJ tricks that you couldn’t do before.

So what do you do with that spare time and energy that you don’t spend worrying about ruining your needles? 😜 You push your creativity even further! Since Phase can control your DJ software without physical support, you are freed from using the vinyl and the needle.  Enjoy it, try out new techniques, incorporate them into your live performances, and make your crowd want more!

👉 Do you know how people react when they first see some air-scratching action?

10. You buy DJ gear that lasts your whole DJ journey.

When we first designed Phase, we worked on the hardware itself to be robust with materials that last for years, like aluminum reinforcements, to ensure Phase’s longevity. With its compact size, it is also a perfect solution for taking it with you everywhere you perform. In addition, we made sure of the possibility to make firmware updates remotely and be able to add new features, fix bugs, or customize and bring brand-new integrations directly to your current unit without the need of purchasing a new one.

So you can count on it for practicing, touring around the world, or simply not letting you down for many years to come! There are only 10 reasons in this article, but we believe there are as many as there are DJs! And the best way to see whether they are legit is, well… to test it out yourself! 😉

You can grab your Phase on our website and enjoy a 14 days trial period. Give it a go, see if it’s a fit, and either love it or return it!

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