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June 6, 2024

Has it ever happened to you when you wanted to learn new DJ techniques or improve your DJing level, but you simply didn’t know where to start? Or, to be more specific, where to find the best DJ content for that?

Your blue days are now over! We’ve decided to highlight must-follow channels for every occasion: where to look for the best DJ tutorials and content, the freshest info on the latest DJ gears, legit review channels, or very useful pages for the latest industry news!At the end of this article, we’re sure some of these channels will get into your favorite list!

DJ Gear and Software Reviews 🎛

Haven’t we all looked up a review on YouTube before grabbing a product? Guilty as charged! Below, check out some dope channels that provide you with the latest overviews on DJ gear like turntables, DJ mixers, and controllers, after which you’ll become an ultimate expert. Let’s dive in!

Mojaxx from DJ City, the “brutally honest” reviewer

DJ City will give you a thorough and honest review of a product that entered the market less than a moment ago! With their Beatsource Tech (ex. Tips & Tricks) series, the well-known industry player Mojaxx reveals his opinion in a very direct and honest manner.

Besides that, DJ City provides awesome DJ tutorials for every level, as well as discusses the latest DJ trends!Check out this good example of Phase Review done by Mojaxx:

Phil Morse, the face of Digital DJ Tips Reviews

Discussing the newest products, showing the best selections for mixers, turntables, and overviewing the DJ software, Phil Morse shares his great expertise in every DJing domain. The Digital DJ Tips channel is also great for tips and tricks in mixing, streaming, and live Q&A on dedicated topics with big players in the industry!

See their latest review on the best Serato controllers: https://bit.ly/3JVkViE

Cleveland Terry, the rising DJ tech reviewer that’s worth your time!

Honest and direct reviews of everything related to DJing: hardware, software, or additional gadgets that might be useful for better DJing! In addition, he also has unique tutorials like “DJ Business 101” that covers the entrepreneurial side of DJing, like organizing an event, expanding, or simple steps to follow when someone cancels your gig!

See what Cleveland has to say about the best tables for DJs: https://bit.ly/3tV3QQd

DJ Tutorials & Tips and Tricks 🍎

Grinding on your skills is always great. Grinding on your skills with FREE and super useful tutorials is even better! Check out these pages that give a broad selection of DJ tutorials for every level: from beginner to advanced DJ! Learn new techniques in transitions, advanced mixing tips, scratching, beat juggling, and so much more.

Carlo Atendido: get inspired by the international DJ Champ!

Want tutorials that are fast and straight to the point? Carlo Atendido is the answer! His strategy is to teach beginner DJs how to become more advanced FAST. Here, you’ll find not only tutorials on DJing techniques and tips, but also basic musical knowledge tutorials on theory, to receive, and overall musical advancement!

See this interesting example of how to DJ for beginners: https://bit.ly/3qQawgK

DJ TLM, sharing his insights from 27 years of DJing experience

A DJ, tour manager, producer, and so much more, DJ TLM shares his priceless knowledge with regular tutorials, reviews, interactive live scratch sessions, and unique tips within the world of DJing. So not only you’ll learn the different DJing techniques, but you’ll also find a lot of useful information on the overall DJ life.

Check out one of his most popular tutorials on beat matching: https://bit.ly/3jKhYWu

Digital DJ Tips: The largest online DJ school with exclusive tutors.

With an impressive lineup of tutors, including Jazzy Jeff, DJ Angelo, Laidback Luke, and more, this DJ school is perfect for everyone who wants to have different skills improved under one roof! For all DJing levels, you will find one-off videos or special modules with exclusive teachers to improve your craft: Mixing, production, or turntablism techniques.

You’ll find it all!

Discover all the courses offered here.

DJ Shortee: learn all the techniques from the Queen of scratch!

What could be better than learning scratch from one of the turntablism pioneers? That’s right! Besides providing personalized DJing lessons, DJ Shortee also shares her scratching secrets in a very effective way, and provides you with a wide variety of techniques to master!

P.S. if you’ll look at the tutorials very carefully, you’ll find links to FREE scratch samples and beats! 🤫

Check out her tutorial on more than 12 scratching techniques: https://bit.ly/35rX8Yt

Crossfader: the online DJ school, providing courses 24/7

Their YouTube channel is packed with free tutorials and reviews, giving us interesting and easy-to-follow videos, focusing on different tips, techniques, and overviews for controllers and DJ software. It’s definitely useful for beginners, however, the tricks and tips shared are nonetheless interesting for the pros, too!

For example, this 5 mixing ideas video can give you a good glimpse into what the channel offers: https://bit.ly/3uKc8cJ

DJ News & Lifestyle 📰

Want to be always up-to-date with the latest trends in the industry or just to get inspired by some quality DJ content? These pages provide all of that and more! From setting trends to sharing interesting sets, discover what these pages can offer for you.

DJ Press

Where can we find the latest news, events, and hottest trends in one place? The DJ press, of course! Interested to see what’s new in EDM or DJing? Check the YouTube page of DJ Mag and for exclusive interviews, backstage views in the EDM world! Or, if you’re more focused on the clubbing and dance scene, Mixmag is your way to go, offering the latest news not only in the UK but any worldwide news in clubbing and dance.

For Hip-Hop related news, the newest tracks, and emerging artists to follow, check out DJ Booth, where you can find a lot of exclusive information on everything that is happening in the genre.

DJ Community spaces

Serato Forum is the place where you can find an answer to all of your suppressing questions. And most importantly, this is the best place to ask any questions you may have as a DJ! You can find conversations on the latest music trends, the hottest DJ gear, or simply tips from one DJ to the other.

Or if you want to get inspired with the latest and the hottest DJ trends, check our account @phase_dj, where we share the biggest and most impressive performances from the community!  Definitely, a place to check for the next “it” thing in DJ performance or simply get inspired.  

DJ influencers

Of course, the best source about the DJ lifestyle and the latest news is from the DJ itself! Dive into the world of Jazzy Jeff, A-Trak, or Eskei83, where you will find weekly new performances, livestreams, demos with the latest gear, and everything in between–you definitely won’t miss out on what’s currently on the wave of DJing sea.

In addition, if you want to see the latest gear in action, take a look at the pages of DJ Angelo or DJ Puffy: with loads of inspirational performances, interesting mixes, with new and fresh content coming out regularly!

DJ Podcasts [NEW!]

When you’re in a rush from one gig to another, we all love to listen to a good podcast on the way, right? Opening Set is great for everyone who’s interested in DJing and nightlife news. The same goes for But I know the DJ, a podcast discussing all things DJing with some impressive guests.

Or, if you’re into something more educational, check out Off the Record: topics include how to get gigs, interviews with other pro DJs, equipment updates, and more. Another cool one, that’s focusing more on how to succeed on social media as a DJ, is Social DJ Podcast. It includes some cool tips on how to manage your socials, the type of content to share as a DJ, and more.

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