A DJ is mixing with a Phase Remote on a vinyl record

The first wireless controller for DJs.


Two Phase Remotes on top of your turntables let you control your DJ software without using needles. A powerful and reliable way to perform with turntables in any situation:

      No more rumble
Phase is completely insensitive to vibrations, heavy bass, wild crowds or dust.

      Best feeling of accuracy
Developed to reach zero-latency, Phase offers a top-notch control for mixing, scratching or beat juggling.

      One-time purchase
Forget spending money on needles, timecode records and cables.


"Phase has changed DJing forever."

Watch Jazzy Jeff discovering Phase and explaining how it changed the way he performs with turntables.

Compatible with your DJ software

Using timecode technology, Phase is compatible with most of the DJ software available. You don't have to change a thing,
Phase will adapt to your current setup!

The logo of Serato DJ Pro, the leading DJ software compatible with Phase DJ
The logo of Traktor, a professional DJ software compatible with Phase DJ
The logo of Rekordbox, the Pioneer DJ software compatible with Phase DJ
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How Phase works?

Phase Essential with two wireless Remotes

Phase Receiver

Frame 72.png

The Receiver is the product's base. It communicates with the Remotes and allows them to charge. It sends the rotation information of the Remotes to the DJ software.

Frame 71.png

Phase Remote

They capture the rotation and direction of the turntables. Thanks to spiky gyroscopes, they track perfectly any movements of the records, even the extra slow ones. They are not sensitive to external rumble or vibrations.

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