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Phase seamlessly integrates with any DVS DJ setup. You can use it with Virtual DJ in regular DVS mode.

In this page, you will find all the information you need to check Phase compatibility and setup with Virtual DJ:

How to setup?

Check the following points to make sure everything is properly configured to use Phase with Virtual DJ.

DVS mixer & Virtual DJ

1. Power your Phase via USB to any 5V power supply.


2. Set your mixer (or DVS soundcard) source selector to "USB" to enable DVS control for the channel you're using (if necessary)

3. Connect the audio outputs of the Receiver to the "Line" inputs of your mixer (or DVS soundcard) using the MWM RCA cables.

4. In the audio settings of Virtual DJ, make sure that the inputs connected to your Phase are properly set on Line inputs and that your mixer is selected as the main audio interface. We invite you to check the Virtual DJ website to know how to set up your audio interface for DVS control.

5. Make sure you selected the “Virtual DJ” DVS signal in the Phase Manager "Setup" tab.

6. Place your Remotes on top of your records and wait a few seconds for the calibration to be done before spinning.

How to setup? Virtual DJ
Phase Manager app - Virtual DJ

The Phase Manager

Our configuration app, Phase Manager, is the first step in setting up your Phase for the first time, regardless of the DJ software you are using. It allows you to manage your Phase from making firmware updates to changing the LED colors of your Remotes!


Recommended from macOS 10.12 and higher



Recommended from Windows 10 and higher

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