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Women wordplay by DSTRUKT

Wordplay stands as a fundamental DJ technique, capable of sparking the imagination of the audience and weaving unexpected, one-of-a-kind mixes! In this edition, the respected turntablism legend DJ Shortee has added an exciting twist to the 3rd Challenge of the DJ Games Legend Edition. Participants were tasked with crafting a 1-minute routine using the vocal tracks of at least three inspirational women of their choice.

The challenge lay in seamlessly manipulating these vocals to construct a cohesive and dynamic mix.With head held high, DJ DSTRUKT, renowned for his inventive skills, entered the competition arena. Not only did he deliver a flawlessly smooth and musical mix, but he also emerged as the well-deserved 1st place champion!

Gear used






Pioneer DJM S11

DJ Software

Serato DJ Pro

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