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Funky quick mix by YOU-KI

A good mix is fantastic, but when it's filled with funky vibes? It's simply the best!In our 5th Challenge, the renowned French maestro, Crazy B, challenged DJs to craft a 1-minute routine using unedited funk tracks. The task was to seamlessly blend the tunes of the 60s and 70s and weave a narrative that would compel us all to hit the dance floor!As if that weren't challenging enough, we also encouraged participants to experiment with a unique turntable setup.

Some may call it "philly style," but for our friends in France, it's the iconic "Crazy B style" – two turntables positioned side by side.Taking home the coveted 1st place was DJ YOU-KI, a gifted DJ from Japan, who perfectly encapsulated the soul and spirit of funk. So sit back, listen, and groove to the rhythm!

Gear used






Pioneer DJM S9

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Serato DJ Pro

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