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April 11, 2024

Have you ever seen DJs mixing with turntables without needles or tonearm? If so, you've encountered the innovative Phase DJ controller! 
Phase has revolutionized how to mix, allowing DJs to seamlessly perform with turntables without needles. 

In this article, we'll cover all the key aspects of Phase and unveil all its technological secrets!

What is a Phase DJ controller?

Phase is a one-of-a-kind DJ product that has been making waves since 2019, after allowing DJs to mix with turntables without using needles. The goal behind it was to tackle major issues faced by turntable DJs – rumble, needle wear and tear, issues with defective decks, and every other external factor that could potentially ruin their performances. 

Designed in Paris, France with technology never seen in the DJ industry before, Phase has now become a standard for any DJs using turntables, regardless of their mixing style. Whether it's long sets in bustling clubs or intense technical competitions, Phase has been embraced by thousands of artists in over 180 countries worldwide!

How does Phase DJ controller work? 

Phase consists of 2 Remotes and 1 Receiver that communicate with each other.
The Remotes are attached to the vinyl and track its rotation and movements thanks to advanced sensors (such as gyroscopes). They collect the speed and direction of rotation and send this information to the Phase Receiver using a custom-made radio communication protocol.

The Receiver then transmits this data directly to the DJ software, enabling precise control of the decks with zero latency. Phase allows DJs to keep using decks with the classic feeling of control while enjoying the comfort and stability of digital technology.

One of the main benefits of Phase over other turntable controllers is the universal compatibility with any turntable in the market, making it extremely versatile. With Phase, you can keep using your favorite turntables hassle-free!

How to use and set up Phase? 

Not only Phase is very easy to use, but as we mentioned earlier, it’s also compatible with any existing DVS setup.
No need to splurge on the latest tech, you can keep your favorite decks and mixer and still make Phase work like a charm! 😉

To use Phase, you'll need three things:

  • A DVS-friendly DJ software (think Serato, Traktor, Rekordbox, Virtual DJ, and more)
  • A DVS interface like a DVS mixer, or an analog mixer with a DJ sound card (like Reloop Flux or Traktor Audio 6)
  • Your trusty turntables!

You can use Phase DJ Controller via HID with Serato DJ Pro or connect it to any other DJ software using an RCA connection. And setting it up is an absolute breeze! 
Depending on your DJ software, simply connect the Phase Receiver via USB to your laptop or RCA to your mixer. The software will instantly recognize it as a DVS controller.
Attach the Remotes to your vinyl using magnetic stickers included in the box, and they automatically sync with the Receiver. That's it – you're ready to focus on your performance stress-free! 

To discover more setup combinations with Phase, don't hesitate to visit our dedicated page.

What makes Phase DJ controller a unique solution for turntable DJs? 

  • It provides DJs unparalleled stability with turntables 
    We made sure that the Phase Remotes would be completely insensitive to any disturbances to offer the most stable setup for DJs no matter the stage or the turntable quality. 
  • It’s a powerful and reliable piece of technology
    The Phase Remotes transmit turntable data six times faster than Bluetooth 4.0 thanks to custom-made radio communication. With an intelligent auto-switch algorithm, this communication is free from any interference, ensuring reliability even in the craziest conditions.  
  • It offers the tightest accuracy for DVS control
    The Phase Remotes have 3-axis accelerometers and 2 gyroscopes for top-notch accuracy and perfectly track your mixing, scratching, and beat-juggling moves! 
  • It’s a long-term solution that won’t go obsolete 
    Phase has been designed with high-quality materials to last your whole DJ journey. Also, with the addition of new updates, we frequently improve it with new features, guaranteeing its longevity.

Is Phase worth it in 2023?

Now, that's a question we can't answer for you, but we can tell you this: Phase has an incredible community of DJs all around the world who swear by it and we can’t be more thankful for their support! You can read their Phase experience on our Trustpilot page or by watching DJ Carlo's review from November 2022.

Top-notch DJs have also put Phase to the test on the biggest stages, and it's earned their seal of approval. From Z-Trip rocking Times Square on New Year's Eve to Craze and A-Trak tearing it up at EDC Las Vegas, Phase is trusted by the best of the best!

Now that you know all the Phase secrets, you will be able to tell your DJ pals that they are wrong when they say that Phase works on Bluetooth or that is a US company behind it!  😉

And if by any chance you started wondering why you could need Phase, our users could tell you at least 10 reasons why they use it! From saving their performance from defective equipment to offering the best accuracy for practice, check out why DJs are using Phase today!

Grab your Phase and start enjoying a new way to perform with turntables today.

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