DMC champs reveal their recipe to success

What does it take to win the biggest championship in the world? We have the answers, coming straight from the source!

“Nobody wants to hear a safe routine. It's all about being original.”

DJ Knockers, the 2023 USA DMC champ, keeps it real: being original is key, and stepping out of your comfort zone is where the magic happens. Even if things don't click right away, trust yourself.

Discover his full interview here:

Discover his DMC USA winning routine:

“Practicing has to become your full-time hustle.”

Being in the competition game for more than 10 years and owning many titles under his name, DJ Topic believes in the power of perseverance. Be self-critical, commit to your craft, and don't let minor setbacks derail you.

Exclusively for you, DJ Topic talks about his winning experience:

Catch his winning routine from DMC Supremacy 2023:

We hope y'all enjoyed the interviews! Sometimes, one sentence, opinion, or a routine can ignite your creativity...