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April 11, 2024

Those are questions that we receive quite often. Especially, after the 2021 Goldie Awards, when the top 3 medalists all rocked Phase. So, we wanted to learn more about the reasons behind it. And we asked the champs directly!

The new generation of DJ Competition medalists like K-Swizz, Rion, 69Beats, and others, definitely have something to say about it! Why has Phase become an inseparable part of their battle weapons? Does it bring additional value? An additional push of creativity? Or simply because it looks cool? Well, read on to find out!

Eliminate the problems you can’t control

“I love Phase in battles cause all the stress regarding needle problems is just gone”
69Beats, 2nd place winner with Phase, Goldie Awards 2021
“I had too much rumble, now it's the ancient story!”
Ordoeuvre, 2nd place winner with Phase, DMC world scratch 2021
"The chances I will experience a technical issue using needles are 3 times higher than using Phase!” Mystykal Kut

We designed Phase to eliminate all the external issues in all kinds of situations, and to see that DJ Champs have all the confidence in their wildest performances is an achievement we’re extremely proud of.

Mystykal Kut, 1st place winner with Phase, Red Bull 3style France 2020

No product is perfect. There’s always a risk no matter what you use: a needle, a controller, or Phase. The actual question is: which product gives you the most benefits, and could be easily managed in real-time? Well, we might have an idea on this one. 😉

The turntables in the competitions [often] aren’t new so some of the RCAs & tonearms are a lil dodgy. I can’t risk those problems in live competition.” K-Swizz

K-Swizz, 1st place winner with Phase, IDA 2019

“I can perform the same way as I’m used to, without most of the connection issues of RCA and needles.” IS-K, 1st place winner with Phase, DMC Japan 2022

Imagine preparing your routine for months or years, and then you have one shot to show what you’ve got. All of a sudden, you’re being given an old deck with a barely alive tonearm or faulty cables. Damn, doesn’t sound great at all! Being able to perform in the same way with Phase as you’re used to is definitely the advantage that you need!

It takes you back to the feeling of vinyl. But more comfortable.

“I used Phase in competitions because the response time is better than needle’s especially in hid mode.” DJ Eas

DJ Ease, 1st place winner with Phase, Goldie Awards, 2021

We’re always working with DJs to make sure Phase gives them the closest feeling of vinyl records in terms of latency and accuracy. With several firmware updates and new HID integration with Serato DJ Pro, the feeling of control is closer than ever. But more comfortable. ;)

“I use Phase in the competitions because it doesn’t make noises, and it sounds beautiful!”  DJ Rion

This one’s definitely the most favorite quote that went to our tech engineers' hearts! Differently than the needle, the tracks come directly from the DJ software to the Phase Remotes, which do not need to read the vinyl grooves, this way offering a completely even sound without any signal, distortion, or cracking noises!

DJ Rion, 2nd place winner with Phase, DMC Japan, 2022

"With needles, I couldn't do much of [tricks] just from a fact that the tonearm with a needle would get in the way of what my hands are doing.” 69Beats

And that’s something we didn’t even think about! It’s personal to every DJ, of course, but in a way, Phase does offer more comfort and liberty, since you don’t have the tonearm in your way anymore. There’s more playground on the vinyl to go wild!

But taking away all the technical aspects, is there anything else the champs feel like Phase brings? Yes, and we have the tea!

Nobody saw that coming!

“I live and breathe to do stuff that's never been done. That never-ending chase after things no one has ever done is what keeps me passionate about everything that I do. And Phase is exactly that - a technology that allowed DJs to do the NBD (Never Been Done).”  69Beats

Seeing users opening new ways not only to perform with Phase, but with turntables using Phase was something we didn’t expect at all! 69Beats pulled out the “reverse Phase” trick from his sleeve and created his whole routine backward. But do you know what went down when he reversed the track? Well, see for yourself!

And let’s not forget about how DJ Angelo & JFB incorporated Phase in their winning DMC routine, ninja style!

All in all, competitions have taken an important place in showcasing your talents and skills in front of the world since the very beginning of the turntablism era. The latest increase of entrants with Phase has shown us the reliability and trust users have every single day when defending their name in front of the world.

And what about you, would you use Phase in the competition? Can it become the new DJ equipment standard in the competitions?

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