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Tribute to Hip-hop by DJ Flip

Hip-Hop stands as the very heart and soul of turntablism history, often serving as the foundation for many of us in the DJ culture. For the culminating Challenge of the Phase DJ Games Legend Edition, the Magnificent Jazzy Jeff posed a compelling question: Share YOUR Hip-Hop journey. Which songs, era, or artists have marked a pivotal moment or held a special place in the hearts of DJs?

DJ Flip, hailing from Ireland, skillfully crafted a mesmerizing timeline of Hip-Hop's evolution. He artfully blended beloved tracks with his own finely honed tricks, a performance that resonated deeply with Jazzy Jeff. It's a well-earned 1st place victory with plenty to offer!

Gear used


Ortofon needles




Reloop Elite

DJ Software

Serato DJ Pro

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