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Phase Team

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April 9, 2024

What's new with Phase?

Discover all the updates and new features included with the latest versions of Phase Manager! Each version brings a better experience with Phase, resolution of bugs, and additional features, so make sure you’re up-to-date! 😉

Update 2.4.5 - March 2024

On March 12th, we have released a new version of Phase Manager that includes Firmware 9 with:

  • Reworked sensor management for even tighter responsiveness
  • A new calibration system that optimizes the Remotes’ accuracy
  • Over 50 minor functional upgrades to enhance overall performance and stability
  • Various bug fixes including connectivity and radio communication issues

Update 2.4.0 - November 2023

On November 20th, we have released a new version of Phase Manager that includes:

  • New Firmware 8 update for Phase: containing additional codes that will allow new DJ software HID integrations.
  • 8 new gradient options are available to customize the Remotes.
  • Various minor improvements and fixes.

The update is currently being rolled out gradually to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Update 2.3.2 - December 2023

On December 5th, we have released the following improvement to Phase Manager:

  • UI fix of the home screen regarding the update status

This update applies to all users who do not yet have access to version 2.4.

Update 2.3.1 - September 2022

On September 6th, we have released the following improvements to Phase Manager:

  • Compatibility improvement with older macOS versions to fix USB detection issues that could occur.
  • Fix minor internal Google Cloud server issues (not impacting users).

Update 2.3.0 - July 2022

On July 28th, we have released the following improvements to Phase Manager:

  • Upgrade of the USB library to strengthen the stability of the USB communication between the Phase Receiver and Phase Manager.
  • Various UI fixes to improve the overall experience: remove unneeded scroll bars, update obsolete URLs, etc.
  • Addition of a new log detection system to facilitate the resolution of hardly detectable rare bugs for more proactive, and efficient problem-solving.
  • General cosmetic, code cleanup, and various other fixes of Phase Manager.

Update 2.2.1 - May 2021

On May 5th, we have released the following improvements to Phase Manager:

  • Resolution of a specific bug occurring in bad radio environments, which could trigger the shutdown of the Remotes while in use.
  • Improvement of the USB hardware management, to optimize the communication between the Phase Receiver and Serato DJ Pro.
  • 9 new gradient options are available in Phase Manager to customize the colors of your Remotes.
  • Various other small fixes.

Update 2.2 - April 2021

On April 12th, we have released the following improvements to Phase Manager:

  • The update contains the new Firmware 6 update, giving the access to the Serato HID integration,
  • New display of the battery percentage level via the screen in Phase Manager when the Remote is charging,  
  • Brand-new USB integration via HID with Serato DJ Pro,
  • Additional HID section in the settings’ Setup tab, including tutorials,
  • New “Double-Tap” calibration feature available as beta in the settings’ Calibration tab,
  • Overall rework of the UI/UX to facilitate and improve the user experience,
  • Global improvement of the firmware update process for more efficiency and stability.

Update 2.1.8 - March 2021

On March 5th, we have released the following improvements to Phase Manager:

  • Minor stability fix of the software,
  • Bug resolution of the downgrade from beta Firmware 6 to Firmware 5.

Update 2.1.7 - October 2020

On October 21st, we have released the following improvement to Phase Manager.

  • Resolution of the specific bug, which prevented updating Phase from Firmware 1 into a newer version.

Update 2.1.6 - October 2020

On October 9th, we have released the following improvements to Phase Manager.

  • Rework of the Remote captors’ sensitivity in order to improve the user’s experience with Traktor and resolve an issue affecting the Remotes’ stability.
  • Resolution of other minor issues occurring on the Remotes color picker home page, and text wording modifications.

Update 2.1.5 - September 2020

On September 28th, we have released the following improvement to Phase Manager.

  • Improvement of the overall stability of the update process.

Update 2.1.4 - September 2020

On September 9th, we have released the following improvements to Phase Manager.

  • New color customization feature: Multicolor gradient on the Remotes’ LEDs; rework of the color tab UI now displaying the real-time color information of the Remotes.
  • Resolution of a bug occurring during the unit renaming process.

Update 2.1.3 - July 2020

On July 23rd, we have released the following improvement to Phase Manager.

  • Fix a major issue that was preventing some new users from properly opening Phase Manager.

Update 2.1.2 - July 2020

On July 22nd, we have released the following two improvements to Phase Manager.

  • Fix of random crashes occurring during the updating process.
  • Improvement of Phase detection issues after connecting the Receiver related to specific USB configuration.

Update 2.1.1 - July 2020

On July 8th, we have released new improvements and features on Phase Manager, adding the following:

  • Tutorial pop-ups to accompany Phase users: Behavior and features explanations such as Remotes’ status to understand better how your Phase works.
  • New wording and translations: to define with more accuracy all Phase behavior, such as “linked/unlinked” Remotes, which indicate when a Remote is correctly connected to the Phase Receiver or not.
  • Rework of UI elements: to deliver an enhanced user experience.
  • Resolution of various bugs: occurring during update and connection.

Update 2.1.0 - July 2020

We are happy to release the new configuration software for Phase, called “Phase Manager”.As Phase has evolved with the latest firmware update, so must do its configuration software to ensure the best product experience since the moment users plug Phase for the first time. In this new software, users will find:

  • A complete redesign of the interface: With improvements of the user experience, including new features and customization options.
  • A new dashboard with the integration of product behavior: Phase Manager provides real-time information about the user’s device. The goal is to help Phase users understand the product better by displaying information such as immediate connection status (linked/unlinked) and battery percentage.
  • A simpler updating process of Phase: All Phase elements are now automatically updated at once in just a few minutes. To learn more about the updating process, check this step-by-step guided tutorial.
  • Cross-platform software to send updates automatically and remotely: Phase Manager is available as a cross-platform, which represents an important improvement as it will allow us to send updates and new features to users in real-time. As a cross-platform, Phase Manager will be available for macOS, and will also be more accessible for Windows users since it is no longer required to re-download the app with every firmware update in the Windows store.
  • Enhanced connectivity and accessibility: We have included resolution of minor USB connectivity bugs, and availability in three languages: English, French, and Spanish, as requested by many of our users.

Thanks again to all our users for their support and feedback. If you have any questions concerning your Phase or would like to learn more, continue discovering our website or the Help Center, or directly contact our product specialists!  

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