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Phase x Serato: Official collaboration is out now!

We’ve teamed up with Serato to elevate your Phase experience to the next level: today, Phase becomes an Official Serato Accessory.

Thanks to a powerful HID protocol, Phase is now fully integrated with Serato DJ Pro, offering an even more accurate, reliable, and most importantly, direct connection without intermediate RCA communication. From now on, forget about the RCA cables, and simply plug in your Phase via USB directly to your laptop and start performing!

Digital control has never been so close to using real records—enjoy the experience with improved performance of Phase with brand new customized features!

Check out the unique video below showcasing our latest upgrade in collaboration with Serato by Slam the Flap, and how it is pushing Phase even further to offer you the best experience with Serato DJ Pro.

Discover all the components of this collaboration and find out all the fascinating features!

What do users think about the integration?

“This integration is by far the best experience you’ll get with Phase, it’s a no-brainer at this point!”

Mojaxx, DJ City

“It’s absolutely perfect. I can confidently say, at least for right now, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t pick up Phase.”

Cleveland Terry

I just used the new Phase with the Serato integration, it was just crazy! It feels really nice, it feels nice to have the control!”

Miles Medina

“​​The upgrade is dope and the accuracy is right on point, I definitely recommend it. I actually did gigs with it and Phase handled like a Champ!”

DJ Uniique Live, Phase user on Facebook

“I made my first mixtape with Phase DJ over HID with Serato DJ Pro. It felt amazing.”

DJ Razman, Phase user on Instagram

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