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Phase DJ Games: the only DJ competition with weekly winners!

To gather and support the whole DJ community, social distancing style, we’ve introduced our weekly online competition for DJs using turntable setups “Phase DJ Games” back in 2020!

Gathering the DJs from all over the world, the DJ Games not only brought the community together but also gave a chance to win weekly cash prizes with different types of Challenges.

From toneplay, to beat juggling, rock to house, Phase DJ Games is all about celebrating the art of turntablism and supporting the DJ community.

And the rules are pretty simple: each week, a challenge is launched, and the DJs have to record a 1-min entry, share it on their social media, and tag us to enter the battle for the crown! #phasedjgames

If you want to see it in action, check out DJ Dstrukt, the 2nd place winner of this year’s Challenge #1 “Flip the House” by A-Trak!

Representing every style and every genre, the DJ Games has gathered thousands of DJs two years in a row! And not only! 2021 has been a special year with a special twist: Legend Edition with more than $10,000 in the Game!

A-Trak, Craze, Kentaro, Shortee, Crazy B, Jazzy Jeff: the army of Legends has taken the wheel of the competition to challenge the community and brought up the party!

And you can’t even believe the amount of talent it has brought! Discover the winners of the DJ Games: Legend Edition, and see for yourself. 👇

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