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We selected for your the best DJ performances from all over the world. Dive into the world of Phase with DJ mixes, scratching, beat juggling and even more!

Best turntablist performances

High-level performances you don’t want to miss: from incredible DJs to turntablism legends, see what the Phase community has to offer!


Quick mix

Get inspired by these well-constructed quick routines performed by the dopest DJs of the moment!

Best scratch performances

When the latency is less than 5ms, you can do wonders: watch the sharpest and most precise scratching performances from the Phase fam!

Trusted by the Legends

"Phase takes all the technical stuff out and makes it 100% about you. It’s a freedom that I’ve never had before!” Discover what the Magnificent Jazzy Jeff has to say about Phase and why it is his choice of DJ gear!

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DJ Games: All stars

The best performances from our annual online competition Phase DJ Games: weekly challenges with weekly cash prizes!

Why do DJs use Phase?

"I have no problems with vibrating tables anymore and skipping needles even with heavy scratching." It’s because the Phase Remotes are completely insensitive to vibrations and any external disturbance!


See what Phase has changed for ESKEI83.

Think outside the box

Since Phase can control your DJ software without any physical support, you’re free to go crazy with your creativity! And that’s what happened here. You won’t believe how far they can go… 👀




We’ve teamed up with Serato to push your Phase experience to the next level. Use your Phase via HID to enjoy the best performance with Serato DJ Pro. Digital control has never been so close to using real records!

Check out this unique video by Slam the Flap showcasing our latest upgrade by connecting his Phase to Mac Mini. 🔥

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Extended Mix

Enlighten your night with these quality extended DJ sets from our community of pros for a last-minute party!

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Explore new ways to perform with turntables!

When you thought you know it well, Phase can offer you a completely new experience. Discover how:

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