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 How to play 

Each Monday, a Legend unveils the challenge on our socials

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Record a 1-min video entry using any turntable or motorized controller setup

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Post your entry before every Sunday at 11:59 PM PST

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The Legend, with the help of the Phase Team, will reveal the winners thereafter!

Simply share it on IG or FB using #phasedjgames, @phase_dj

What setup is authorized
to enter?


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Any turntable setup: needles (DVS, standard vinyl), Phase.
As well as motorized controllers such as: Rane 12, Rane One, Traktor S4 MKIII and others.




Jog wheel midi controllers and CDJ controllers.


 Judging Criteria 

For every challenge, a Legend, with the support of the Phase Team, will choose the Top 3 winners according to:

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Respect of the Challenge

Make sure your performance fits with the style of the challenge imposed by the Legend!

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DJing is all about music: do your best to create a cohesive and entertaining musical mix, following the guidelines of the challenge.

Icon of a light bulb to describe the criteria of originality to enter the Phase DJ Games competition


Release your imagination and surprise us with creative and innovative performances!

Icon of a turntable record for DJs to describe the criteria of technicality to enter the Phase DJ Games competition


The Legends will also look into your technical skills as a turntable DJ: are the transitions smooth, are your cuts on point, and so on!

Enter the Games and win the weekly cash prizes!

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1st place

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2nd place

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3rd place

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