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Do I need Phase to enter the Games?

Not at all! All turntable DJs are welcome to enter the DJ Games. As long as you are using turntable setups (needles (DVS/standard vinyl), Phase), or motorized controllers (Rane One, Rane 12 etc.) you can play the game! Click here to learn more about authorized setup (redirection to How to play)

Am I allowed to enter the challenge every week?

Of course! As the challenges will be different and announced every week one by one on Mondays, you’re more than welcome to enter every single challenge you want! The more important question is: can you beat the competition every single week? ;)

Can I use an old performance on my social media to enter the Challenge?

Yes, if your old performance fits the requirements of the challenge, you can use it as an entry. However, it has to be shared within the timeframe of the week! (i.e. between Monday to Sunday before 11:59 PM PST of the Challenge week)

How long my entry has to last?

Your entry performance has to be equal or under 1 minute! Longer entries will be judged by the first minute of the performance.

Where should I share my entry?

Simply share your entry on your Facebook or Instagram account using #phasedjgames and @phase_dj (both post and reels formats are accepted). Don’t forget to set your social accounts to “public”, as we won’t be able to see it otherwise. See our How to play section for more details.

Can I submit more than one entry for the same Challenge?

Multiple entries from the same person for the same Challenge won’t be taken into account. Only one entry per Challenge will be accepted. Nonetheless, you can always enter multiple Challenges, and try to be the winner every week!

What are the prizes?

Every week, the legends will choose the top 3 performances for a chance to win up to $1000! See our How to play section for more details.

What setup is authorized to enter?

All DVS systems (Phase, standard timecode) or standard vinyl are authorized, including motorized controllers such as: Rane 12, Rane One, Traktor S4 MKIII, and others.

Why can’t I enter with a CDJ or a Jog wheel controller?

Phase DJ Games was created to celebrate the art of turntablism and the culture surrounding it. Since turntablism is part of Phase's DNA, we have decided to encompass all turntable equipment. As such, only turntables and motorized controllers are authorized.

Does having Phase will higher up my chances of winning?

Definitely not! All entrants will be judged equally according to the judging criteria. The type of equipment used doesn't give any advantage in the Games.


If you have any questions, you can read our Terms and conditions or contact our team.