What’s Phase?

Phase is the first wireless controller for DJs.


Two Remotes placed on top of your records let you control the tracks from your DJ software without using needles. 


It has been designed with DJs to provide a powerful and reliable way to perform with turntables in any situation.

Focus on one thing: your performance.


A powerful wireless

Ein DJ-Setup bestehend aus zwei Phase Sendeeinheiten, einem Rane seventy-two Mixer und zwei Reloop-Plattenspielern

Two Remotes analyze the rotation of the turntables (speed, direction, movement) and wirelessly send it to a Receiver, thanks to a powerful protocol built on radio communication.

This one-of-a-kind technology, developed in-house, offers a real-time control of the DJ software with minimum latency, and guarantees a seamless signal quality in any situation.

Up to 10-hour autonomy for
endless sets

Phase has been built to last, with up to 10-hour autonomy for non-stop parties.


To charge your Remotes, place them on the USB-powered Receiver, it only takes 2 hours and you’re ready to play! 

The back of a Phase receiver showing one usb port and two rca outputs to connect to a dvs setup

Easy to use with
any DJ setup

Simple and intuitive, Phase easily and seamlessly adapts to any DJ setup supporting DVS, thanks to its 2 stereo RCA outputs. Whether you’re using built-in mixers or analog with external soundcard, Phase will be a smooth addition to your setup.

Compatible with your DJ software!

Using timecode technology, Phase is compatible with most of the DJ software available. Keep your habits,

Phase will adapt to your current setup!

An official
Serato Accessory 

The best turntable DJ experience you can expect!
Phase is now fully integrated to Serato DJ Pro, offering the easiest way to set up: it's just plug’n’play!


Discover the new WIR deck mode, uniquely developed for Phase, as well as brand-new dedicated features.

A Phase Receiver connected via USB using WIR deck mode of Serato Dj Pro

Phase DJ performances

Thousands of DJs including top-class champions have added Phase to their DJ setups. Watch their craziest performances now!

Still hesitating?

Try Phase with no strings attached: we offer a

14 days return period if you have a change of heart.

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