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Get back the control of your performance.

Discover Phase DJ controller, the unique solution to mix hassle-free on any stage with turntables.

Performing with turntables has never been so good

Control your DJ software directly from your decks without using needles. Phase has been designed with DJs to provide a powerful and reliable way to perform with turntables on any stage.

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Phase Essential product pack
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What do DJs think about Phase

Thousands of DJs are using Phase worldwide every day! But why so? See how it changed the way they perform:

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A hassle-free solution to mix with digital vinyl without needles, even in the trickiest situations. Discover how Phase can seamlessly adapt to your current setup and ease the way you perform!

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Thanks to our unique technology, Phase is compatible with any DJ software supporting DVS. Whether you're using Serato, Traktor, or Rekordbox, no need to change a thing: it will be a smooth addition to your current setup!

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Discover our curated channel with the most impressive routines in the industry. Whether you prefer quick mixes, heavy scratching or beat juggling, get inspired by the dopest DJs of the moment!

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Access all our online resources: from Phase tutorials, to articles about DJ trends and gear, this is the place where you'll find all the info you're looking for about DJing.

Der legendäre Hip-Hop-DJ Jazzy Jeff mischt live mit Phase in einer riesigen Festivalszene

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