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Created for DJs by DJs 

Discover the first DJ controller for turntables.

A turntablist DJ using Phase to performing.

Explore the seamless yet revolutionary way to mix with your turntables!

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Phase is compatible with all DJ

software and DVS setup!

ESKEI83 performing with turntables and Phase DJ

Watch the best performances by incredible DJs

"Phase has changed DJing forever."

Watch Jazzy Jeff discovering Phase and explaining how it changed the way he performs with turntables.

Become a part of
the Phase revolution

Phase lets you control the tracks from a DJ software
without using needles. It has been designed with DJs to provide a powerful and reliable way to perform with turntables in any situation.

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4,5/5 on Amazon

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Der legendäre Hip-Hop-DJ Jazzy Jeff mischt live mit Phase in einer riesigen Festivalszene

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